The Next, Best Thing

It’s no secret that I’ve never been happy with that slate-top side table I made late last year. The joinery is tight enough and the color came out reasonably well, and I always intended to build the bottom shelf when I got around to it.

Slate-top Side Table

This thing.

It’s just that the table never quite fit anywhere I put it; too wide, too deep, too short, what have you. Plus, the extra tabletop around the plant pot gives my cat an excellent platform to murder one of my favorite dragon trees.

Veritable plant murder!

Veritable dracaena genocide!

So, I have decided to move on and build something else. A tall, narrow plant stand, in fact. Haven’t put pen to paper yet for a design, but I know the problem I am trying to solve.

I sort of promised the slate-top table to a relative, so I can dispose of it quickly when the replacement is ready.  Though I need to find the time to build something.  I’ll add it to the list.

UPDATE:  I gifted the table to my aunt on Saturday.  I’m sure she’ll give it a good home.



  1. Interesting! Ok – you have my curiosity: Pan left and take a picture of the stand for your flat-screen TV. Did you make that? Looks interesting… How about more details about that?


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