I’ve Said it Before

And I’ll say it again: I never know how big something will be until it’s knocked together.


24″ wide x 12″ deep x 11″ tall, to be exact.

They may be a P.I.T.A. to store, but I’m always glad to have the band-clamps seen above.  The half-pins on the top front corners (i.e., the most visible corners) of the carcase don’t fit tightly to the tail board, so I’m cinching it all together as the glue dries.  Fingers crossed the glue holds long enough for me to drive a headless brad into each tail board to close up the gap permanently.

If that doesn’t work, Plan B is to use wood filler and paint the top rim.  I’m putting a proper dust seal on this chest, so there will be plenty of clearance for a couple coats of milk paint.  If this were a chest with a battened lid (like the traveling tool tote), as a matter of course the top rim would be painted to protect against the constantly slamming.


Editor’s Note:  Success!

Next up: ripping bards for the lid and the skirts. And maybe making a saw till.  This is another travel-size tool chest, FYI.  Check out tomorrow’s post for more info.



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