Stuff. And, also, Things.

Much of my free time lately is spent straightening and squaring dimensional cherry. Some of it is making silly food service. And a good chunk of it is sharpening.

Although I may claim a solitary New Year’s resolution, I in fact have many goals for 2016.  Many are centered around using up the rando wood I have accumulated these past few years. Among other things, I hope to:

  • make the lower shelf for the dining table (and also clean it up a bit from two years’ use as a workbench).  Soon enough I will have a real workbench and the table can finally assume its true destiny.
  • build a new frame for my computer desk.  I plan to keep the same overall design, just make it better.
  • build a new moxon vise, with threaded wooden screws.

And I think that’s ambitious enough for now.  Back to that cherry!


Whoa!  We’re halfway there!



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