Maker of Replacement Totes and Knobs for New Planes?

Because I think this reaches a wider audience than my current twitter following, does anyone have a recommendation for someone who makes replacement totes and knobs for planes? 

When I first started woodworking, I purchased a brand new, generic Stanley No. 5. It’s lightweight and I plan to tune it for general work, but I hate the molded plastic tote and knob. I’d love to replace them but I don’t have the experience (or the desire) to make the replacements myself.  So if anyone knows of a woodworker who makes custom totes and knobs and wants a paying customer, please send their contact info my way.

Thanks much.



  1. I posted this question on the Unplugged Woodworkers group on FB, and a member responded: “Look for Bill Rittner here on Facebook. He’s one of the best that I have come across.”


  2. Here’s another one: “Nick Obermire (nick.obermire@gmail) makes some decent ones. I’ve been happy with the couple I got from him. He sells on eBay, but you can contact him directly as well and get a bit of a discount from the eBay price.”


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