An Appropriate Soundtrack

One awesome byproduct of handtool woodworking is the ability to enjoy music while at the bench. I just Bluetooth my smartphone to a Bose Soundlink Mini and get to work.

The boombox of a new generation.

The boombox of a new generation.

I have noticed my musical tastes shifting as of late (electro-synth-pop really speaks to these old punk rock bones), but regardless of genre, I find a good soundtrack does wonders for pacing and rhythm of handtool tasks – not to mention providing cover noise for fooling the neighbors and leasing office.

My favorite albums for general woodworking right now are Brand New – Deja Entendu, Fall Out Boy – Save Rock and Roll, and Of Monsters and Men – My Head is an Animal.

If I’m traversing grain or chopping mortises, I might opt for some A Day to Remember, The Offspring or Alkaline Trio for the extra oomph and, if all else fails, I have a DMX/Beanie Sigel greatest hits mix at the ready.

Although I have an extensive collection of stand-up comedy albums, I shy away from them while woodworking, as a stray laugh can and will cause an otherwise straight cut to wander.

If anyone has recommendations for other good workbench music, I’m willing to grooveshark anything.



  1. Twenty One Pilots – Blurryface was the soundtrack that we played in repeat for moving from Los Angeles to southern Oregon over Christmas. Makes an energetic woodshop soundtrack are well.

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