No One is Perfect

I’m not immune to mistakes.  No one is.  Someone once said (I’m drastically paraphrasing) that the sign of an accomplished woodworker is the ability to hide the inevitable mistakes.

Sometimes, mistakes are minor and can be easily corrected.  Sometimes, you start chopping mortises on the wrong side of the benchtop for the mini workbench you’re making for your niece and nephew.

Like this time.

Like this time.

I’m fortunate to have left the lamination for the mini workbench a bit thick, so I have some leeway to skim 1/8″ off the other side to clean it up.


I left it a bit rough because it was supposed to be the underside.

So all in all, no harm no foul.  And, for the record, no one would ever know, had I not mentioned it.



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