Necessary Supplies

This weekend, I finally made it up to Vermont to grab the remainder of my lumber and I am so glad I did.

In addition to the reclaimed pine (which I left up there for use in a kitchen table for my mother), I apparently had a sizable amount of hard maple and red oak, some dimensional cherry I had forgotten about and (most amazingly)  a couple board feet of 12/4 ash that must have been off-cuts from my dining table project.  Not to mention another 40 board feet or so of pine siding off-cuts (more dovetailing practice!).  I’m fairly confident that I won’t need to buy any new lumber for a while.

One of the more interesting finds was a set of four, shaped pine legs that were set aside from the bulk lumber.

Super random!

Super random!

At approximately 23″ tall, I think they were part of an abandoned side table project (which in all likelihood began as shaping practice).  I’m happy to re-purpose them (and some of the pine siding off-cuts for rails and tabletop) into a little table.  It will be a nice little project for my week off.


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