It occurs to, that even if the case isn’t square, as long as it’s out of square all around, it’s still a parallelogram.  And that means that a tray will still run okay.


It’s very pretty.

I need to add a skirt and some wheels, but this thing just might work.



  1. Yep. Great observation. This is often forgotten. Just assemble your tray so that it matches whatever the heck your carcase is doing. I apply hide glue and set it in the carcase as it dries to make sure all is tweaked appropriately.

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      1. Most of the modern stuff probably is, but it’s all machine-made, usually with some sort of manufactured wood product (MDF, plywood, bent laminations of veneers or what have you) rather than solid wood.

        Pretty looking chest btw.

        Wow. That sounds… dodgy as all get-out when you say it out of context 😀

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