Glossary of Terms

There are so many woodworking terms. For joints. For tools. For techniques.  Where does a person begin?

Before I took up woodworking a few years ago, I didn’t know a damned thing about it.  I started on YouTube and worked backward. Wikipedia was helpful, as was my first woodworking book (Working Wood 1&2 by Paul Sellers). Now over three years into my apartment woodworking sojourn, my knowledge has grown along with my vocabulary.

I have recently been made aware that woodworking jargon can create a barrier to entry. Knowledge that I take for granted is not universal.  So going forward, in an effort to make the site more approachable – and because I think it will be fun – every defined term appearing in a post will be included in a new page entitled “Glossary of Terms”.

The page went live yesterday.  Please feel free to critique my definitions, as most are from memory.



  1. Great idea to have a glossary. I have been thinking about getting Working Wood by Paul Sellers since I really like his work and methodology but wasn’t sure about getting the DVDs to go along with the book since it is pricey. Did you get just the book or the DVDs as well? Did you find the DVDs worth it if you did.


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