More Progress

Sometimes, my design ideas are too ambitious for my contemporaneous skill set.  If so, I leave the design on the shelf for and come back to it.  Such is the case with the angled-leg plant stand I designed a while ago.

So the other day, thoroughly sick of flattening a recently glued-up panel, I decided to cut the angled tenons for the plant stand rails.  After some trial and error at full size, I decided a leg rake of 2.5° was aesthetically better to me than the as-designed 5° angle.  Though marked at the correct angle from a sliding bevel, the crosscut tenon shoulders were not perfect.  I had to use a shoulder plane to tweak the angles, but after a while, each rail seated nicely into a test mortise on one of the legs.


I cannot stress enough how hard this maple is. I had to resharpen my shoulder plane while tweaking the angles.

There is still one more mortise to chop, and then I have to figure out how best to shape the center hub of the plant stand.  But all in all, as I’m fond of saying, “progress is important”.



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