So here is the plan…

Before I could turn this:


Why is there a diapers box in my planer dungeon?

into this:


2/3 of the core slab.

I had to replace these:


I wonder if the old blades are re-sharpenable…

The previous blades got pretty beat up when re-flattening the old planing slab.  It turns out that water-based wood filler > carbide blades.  But I must have known this day was coming, because I had a spare set of blades.

So after a morning of flattening one face of each board (by hand), then an hour or so of thicknessing (by machine) and smoothing for final glue up (by hand), I had eight boards at a total depth of 10.5″.  Exactly half of the total depth on the new workbench.


It’s actually 10 9/16, but who’s counting?

The glue-up was a nightmare, though.  Despite some aggressive shaking, the older PVA glue was starting to get viscous and kept clogging in the nozzle. I am hoping the glue holds up, as it was over two years old.  It would be a pain to redo the glue-up, but I do own a heat gun if worse comes to worst.


Ordinarily, the sign of a good glue-up is squeeze-out from the knots!

I can add two more boards to the core and still be narrow enough to pass through my thickness planer.  Which I will do next weekend.



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