Of Course I Did

In a classic case of “trying to do way too much all at the same time”, I dropped the traveling tool tote on Sunday and fractured front right joint.  Id est, the most visible joint. I was trying to attach the rot strips while the clamps were still on the tray runners and it lost balance on the saw benches.


Everything was going so well, at the time.

Whatever stress imparted upon impact, the top nail no longer held the joint solidly and I feared for long term stability.  My choice was clear: add a dovetailed skirt and dust seal to the project, or cram the joint full of some more hide glue and reinforce everything with some ugly Home Center corner brackets.



Seriously, guys, what did you think I’d go with?

Repeat after me: this is a working tool, not a museum piece.  At least the handles look nice (or will, once I blacken the screws).



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