Head Over Heels

Every time I get to a certain point on a project, I ask myself the same question: should I stick with the plan or go in a completely different direction?

I had built this whole project with the idea of putting the video game cases on the bottom and the drawer for controllers on the top.  But that would be stupid, because the drawer would be above eye level.  My solution: flip it 180 degrees.  So it goes in a literal different direction.


Because why not?

The cleats are more for hanging than anything, and it’s not like they are asymmetrical anyway (having foregone a french cleat in my design).  With the drawer on the bottom, the bottom shelf can immediately be used for holding controllers (because the cleat acts as a stop).  Plus, the game cases fit so tightly on that shelf it doesn’t matter whether the clean (which is also a stop) is on the top or the bottom.

Problem solved.  Not it just needs some paint, before I whip up two more as presents.



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