A Familiar Scene

Here I find myself again: tons of nails to drive and too many neighbors to drive them all at once.


I needed some nails on 2″ center to flatten out the tongues at the joints.

I’ve been making a second traveling tool chest.  The dovetails on the carcase came out quite nicely, although the large tail in the middle did not close up completely to the baseline in two corners.  Some water-based putty will fix that, no problem.


Dovetail pr0n.

I’ve pretty much locked down my process for cutting ship-lap joints for floorboards.  After scribing the base line with a marking gauge, my DIY rebate plane does most of the work, then I finish up with a router plane.  I guess I could build a depth stop for the rebate plane, but that would make too much sense.


Why use one tool when you can use three?

For the first time in a while, the carcase was not square, so I had to clamp it into square.  It’s still probably 1/64″ out, but I can live with that if you can.


Seriously, I can.

Next up is the dovetailed skirt.  This tool chest will have a 3/4″ plywood lid, so I should probably buy some black milk paint soon.


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