One of these…

…is not like the other.


At least it will be, soon enough.

I’ve spoken before about how pleased I am with the overall size of this 24″ x 12″tool chest.  It fits everything I need for off-site projects (except for a panel saw, but whatever) and remains portable.  On this, my fourth overall traditional floor chest, I am going back to the full dust seal.  Which means, first of all, a dovetailed upper skirt.


Fewer dovetails means less work (in theory).

I’ve also decided to paint the full carcase before I attach the handles or make the lid.  And speaking of lids, I am so enamored with the plywood “raised panel” lid from Christopher Schwarz’ Build a Traditional Tool Chest in Two Days, that’s the approach I’m taking here.  Albeit with a 1/4″ raised panel.


I’m also using Tuscan Red again.

There’s been a lot going on, but posts should become more frequent.  More on this tool chest next week.


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