Fixgasm (noun)

Fixgasm (noun): a small, heavily-procrastinated DIY project that, when completed, has a significant effect on efficiency or enjoyment of the object or space.


Finally added the spacer between the split top.

Having a split top workbench with a gap between the slabs is quite convenient for weird clamping jobs. But the gap is not so convenient for keeping tools off the floor. With a bit of time today, though, I managed to fit the center spacer to fill the gap. I’d been meaning to do this for a while and, other than the ripping of 12/4 ash to make the strip, it was pretty easy and should have been done a while ago.

Classic fixgasm.



  1. Congratulations! The high point of my time in the workshop this weekend was adding crubber (cork-like rubber) pads to the jaws of my moxon vise. It transformed the thing…shoulda done that a year ago when I built that thing! Now I have a noun to put a word to my feeling…


  2. Congrats.

    I start to get stressed out if I have too many of these projects lined up. In part, it is probably due to my dad being the poster child for not finishing things and that driving me crazy growing up. Recently, I spent a few weeks/months doing a bunch of small projects on the list. Mentally and emotionally I felt much better for it. Didn’t know there was a word for it but I like the word you used. Thank you for posting.

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