Dutch Tool Chest for Sale

When I start something, I nearly always finish it. So when I set out to make a wall mounted cabinet for my workshop, it was clear the old tool storage solution (the aforementioned Dutch Tool Chest) had to go.

So it’s for sale, $750 cash, and you have to pick it up (I’m in lower Fairfield County, Connecticut).

The stickers are gratis!

The case is made with usual DTC construction: through dovetails at the lower corners, shelves are dado’d and nailed into the sides of the case. The face boards are screwed on. Lamp Black milk paint on all external faces.

This DTC is a bit larger than standard varieties. In addition to being the large version at 30″ tall (with two shelved compartments AND a sliding tray), it’s 30″ wide (up from the usual 27″). This means it’s wide enough to hold a No. 7 and a full size block plane left to right (it also holds a No. 5, No. 4 and a general compartment for tape measures.

In addition, the storage area is 13″ deep (instead of the usual 11.25″). I made it this way to accommodate a No. 10 (jack rabbet) plane and some larger tool rolls, all of which can be fitted front to back instead of being piled in lengthwise. The drawer runners are just nailed on so the drawer can be easily removed if not desired.

The lid has a till for two panel saws and the tool well, in addition to being french fit for the planes described above, has a saw till that will fit dovetail, carcass and tenon saws plus two combination squares (or one with an extra beam). All of this stuff is just tack nailed in, so you can remove it easily.

The tool rack on the back wall has holes on 1.5″ centers and is screwed in from both directions. Totally modular.

Some more pictures for your reference (tools not included, obviously).

Before some additional painting; showing the orientation of the various tools in the racks/tills.
Detail of the tool well. Lots of room for more french fitting.

As with everything else, please email for more details. I’ll even throw in a couple of saw bucks to elevate it off the floor.


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