I Bought a Real Camera!

Usually on The Apartment Woodworker, I try to come up with clever titles for posts.  Today, no such luck.

It’s been almost 6 months since I started The Apartment Woodworker, and it’s been pretty clear to me from the beginning that I needed a real camera.  The internal camera on my Samsung smartphone is pretty good, but like all smartphone cameras, any bit of zoom immediately grained out the picture.  I had been putting it off until I was sure The Apartment Woodworker was something I’d enjoy.  It’s been a blast, so I took the plunge and bought a proper point and shoot.  It even shoots video, so maybe there is some of that in store.

I have tapped a buddy of mine to teach me how to use the thing.  I’m hoping that with a bit of training, and some better lighting (which I will unveil later this week), The Apartment Woodworker will reach new heights of artsy foofiness.  The updated banner (full image below) was shot using the new camera.

Workshop Banner

Very little staging required!


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