New Block Plane

I finally caved and replaced my box-store block plane with a slightly more upscale version.  It’s not an everyday tool in my shop, so I didn’t splurge for an ultra premium block plane.  But I was frustrated enough with the lateral adjustment capabilities of my old block plane that it was time for a change.


I have brand loyalty because I don’t mind a little tuning.

From unboxing to finish, total honing time was about half an hour to clean up the plane (most of which was flattening on the 220 diamond plate).


Just about done in this picture.

I’m pretty pleased with the machining on this particular tool.  The sole is pretty flat and the iron was ground square (both rarities for this brand, I will admit).  A couple swipes at 30 degrees left a razor-sharp secondary bevel on the freshly-flattened iron.


Fastest sharpening job ever.

There is no lateral adjustment lever, but there is plenty of clearance around the knuckle cap for a hammer tap.  The new block plane is also longer and heavier than my old one (it’s about the size of a No. 1), but the knuckle cap gives it a better feel in the hand.  Overall, I’m happy so far, even if I’ve only taken a few end grain shavings to test blade sharpness.



    1. I do. I have the bench chisels and the V3 following planes (No. 4, No. 4 1/2, No. 5 1/2, small chisel). I think I also have a wheel marking gauge from. Very happy with all of them except the 1/4 bench chisel, which is unusually soft and only useful for prying waste out of a chopped mortise (not that I use it for much else).

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      1. I have heard that the price point on the really high end tools is basically paying for the unboxing TLC you need to give lesser tools to get them in working order. TLC I am happy to do myself.


  1. Really nice looking block plane! I’ve heard good things about their “V3” bench planes (even the #1, which went on my ‘to check out’ list should I ever see one in real life) so I would suspect that this might also have had similar improvements.


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