The Importance of Progress

“Every little bit helps,” they tell me.  In small space woodworking, that’s doubly true.  As any unfinished project clutters what would otherwise be livable space, making incremental progress on a project is paramount.  Not just from a woodworking perspective, but also from a domestic perspective.

The medium tool chest project has been hogging foyer space for a while now, but I’m hoping to make incremental process this week. The lower tray runners are in and all that’s needed to fit the middle runners is to tweak the length. My shooting board is getting a great workout on this project.


Because I’m a massochist and I love bearing my soul for the internet, there is a broken off 1/16 drill bit stuck in one of the lower runners. I went too fast with my eggbeater drill and the bit snapped. Because nothing in this universe is ever perfect (or there would be no universe at all). Also, now I need more 1/16 drill bits.

I should probably steam out some nigh-invisible french marks, because I’m still not very good at driving nails but always very good at neuroses.


After the middle runners are fit, I will add the upper skirt. That way, there is enough backing to take the headless brads for securing the 1/4 inch upper runners.

Then it’s just saw tills, plane chocks and chisel rack before the carcass is done.

Anyone have a recommendation for heavy duty trunk handles? Sans lathe (obviously), I cannot turn my own.


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