Some Odds on the Ends

I made exactly zero weekday progress on the medium tool chest this week.  So when I woke up Saturday morning, I knew I had to get something, anything done.  So I attached the trunk pulls.


They aren’t dogbones per the plans, but I’m no turner, either.

This might have been the second time ever attaching handles (and the other is on the shop stand for the thickness planer).  And the two pulls differ slightly in overall plate size.  But through careful marking and awling, they ended up as parallel and even as I could have hoped.

I even clocked the screws!

I even clocked the screws!  Thanks The Furniture Record!

Now the chest is much less unwieldy.  I plan to paint the chest on Sunday (it’s sanded and ready to go) and finally cover up all those tool marks and putty.

All in all, it’s not much, but it’s progress, which is important.  Then I will finally make the lid.


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