So Far, So Good?

One consistent challenge in my apartment woodworking life is understanding the actual size of things before they’re put together.  Case (ahem!) in point: the carcase for the new traveling tool tote.  I didn’t really understand what 28″ x 14″ x 11 1/4″ looks like until it was assembled.


It looks something like this.

The carcass of this toolbox is actually the same interior length as the medium tool chest I built last year (26 1/2″ or so).  I was well aware of that during the planning stages (it’s based on my panel saws, after all).  However, scaling down the other interior dimensions from 14 7/8″ high to 11 1/4″” high, and from 16 1/2″ deep to 12 1/2″ deep, is proving to be less significant than initially expected.  In terms of interior space, I’ve basically given up one shallow tray of height and one saw till of depth (on both the floor and the deep tray, though).


It’s so hard to tell at this phase.  Also, spooooky!

Will that be small enough to make this thing truly portable once loaded up?  I have no idea.



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