The Best Laid Plans

I fully intended to add the skirt to the tool tote before nailing on the ship-lapped floorboards.  I really did.  The case went together square, so the floorboards weren’t needed to pull everything into alignment.

But because the case is rabbeted and nailed together, I wanted a low profile skirt to sit below the cut nails.  Unfortunately, with the floorboards being over 5/8″ thick, there is just barely half of the 1×2 skirt in contact with the case itself.  Not nearly stable enough to glue on first.  Oh well.


Pretty board

It’s not all bad news, though.  Because the thickness of the floorboards is approximately half the height of the skirt, it should be really easy to clamp down the skirt and eliminate any gaps when it does go on.  Even if I have to make a go-bar.


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