Nailed It!

A quick update on the traveling tool tote: it has a bottom now.

First, each floorboard is tacked in position with a headless brad.  I’m still a relative novice at driving nails and I want the alignment to be correct when I drive the heavy nails.


With a business card’s worth of space in between.

Next, I pre-drill and drive the aforementioned heavy nails (CT6, to be exact) at 5″ intervals, which I marked using my new 8″ dividers.  I also trim the overhang with a panel saw.


The half-driven nails are a story unto themselves, for another time.

Then, I plane down the remaining overhang to be flush with the case and admire just how well cut nails cinch the work together.


Quite remarkable, really.

Finally, I spend a few days agonizing over whether I drilled the pilot holes too deep and resolve to drive a few brads through the lower skirt into the floorboards, just in case.

Because nothing can ever just be nice.


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