Tearing it all down

I’m displeased with the “no mortise” hinges on the traveling tool tote (the same that were used on the medium tool chest).  And not just because they still require hinge mortises (on one side, at least).


This is what the fully-loaded well looks like, FYI.

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get the “no mortise” hinges on straight.  In a fit of rage, I bought some home center middle hinges (in oil-rubbed bronze) and switched them in.  Between the comically deep mortises and the unsightly holes in the underside of the lid, this will remind me forever not to give into the hype.


A constant reminder of my shortcomings.

I am also displeased with the first set of rot strips.  Too narrow and too tall.  On the next iteration of the tool chest, they will be replaced with something a bit more squat and stable.

It’s tough being my own biggest critic.



  1. I hope you’re not being to hard on yourself. I think any honest woodworker would say they are literally surrounded by their mistakes. I see more than a few of mine almost daily, and they are good reminders of what not to do.

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