Over and out

The traveling tool tote is done.  With the sliding tray finished, the chest is loaded up with everything I’ll need on site to finish my Stent Panel workbench a couple weekends from now.


With room to spare, no less!

I will do a full retrospective after a few weeks of use, but I’m overall pleased with the outcome.  Portability is not an issue: it’s neither too heavy nor out of balance.  The sliding tray does wonders to balance out the heavy bench planes at the back of the well.


I’d save some space if my sharpening jig wasn’t made of 2×3…

I’m still on the fence regarding casters.  There isn’t much glue surface holding the lower skirt on: barely 3/4″ (plus a few headless brads).  That small glue surface would support most of the casters’ bearing surface.  Is that enough?  Probably.  Will this prototype be in woodworking use for long enough to justify casters?  Unknown.



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