One and Done

So maybe it does look like a coffin, but the traveling tool chest 2.0 is officially done.  I use the word “done” on purpose, because it’s not quite finished (cough).



But it is ready for finish.

In the end, there was very little agonizing over how to attach the iron handles.  Two oak blocks were glued to the inside of the chest and screws were driven from each side.  Simple.


Seen here, like a very lazy dog bone handle.

Unlike its precedessor, this chest has a single stationary till.  I don’t usually dovetail tills (preferring to rabbet and nail for speed of assembly), but in this case, only dovetails would do.  There will be too much stress on the left wall of the till every time it comes in and out of the chest.


For strength and woodworking pr0n.

Having never built a stationary till before, I reach an organic solution that but for modesty I would claim credit for.  The rack on the back wall is proud of the runner and acts as a stop to keep the till from sliding around.  I am undoubtedly not the first to use such a trick.


If it ever wears out, I’ll add another rack on the front wall.

The till itself is only 9″ wide, which limits its holding capacity to smaller items.  But that means about 13″ of floor space is unobstructed: plenty to get a jointer plane in and out without having to remove the till.  This is a vast improvement over version 1.0, where the “sliding” till blocked all access to the well.

Now to psych myself up for painting.  In the meantime, I’m making the crochet for my workbench.

More on that soon.


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