Nesting Saw Bench

Been ripping a significant number of longer boards lately for the planing slab project, which motivated me to finally make a smaller, companion saw bench to nest inside my main saw bench (both are based on the Christopher Schwarz 2009 version).


I’m psyched to use something other than a dovetail saw for joinery, for once.  Lap joints are the best.

All stock preparation and joinery only took a few hours and I am very happy with the result.  I just need to let the glue dry before I fit the stretchers and level the seams and feet.  Should definitely make ripping easier, as I can now support both ends of a long board won’t need to stop halfway through and flip it around anymore.

Also, I started using the wagon vise on my bench like a front vise for thicker stock that wont fit in the actual front vise.  Works well enough; still need to make an actual moxon vise at some point, though.  I guess I’ll add it to the to-do list.


Small-space woodworking is all about improvising! 

Hope everyone has their holiday shopping wrapped up.  I’m one home center gift certificate away.



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