Saying Goodbye (For Now) to Old Friends

Yesterday, I said farewell to some of my oldest and most trusted tools: my full size router set, cordless jigsaw and cordless circular saw. They now live in storage in my brother’s basement.

These are some of my original tools, from the before times when everything I knew about woodworking came from Norm Abram.  Back before I knew I wanted to do hand tool woodworking almost exclusively.  I consider many of my early tool purchases impulsive wastes of money, but not these.  If (when?) I have the space again, these tools will be back in the shop.

Godspeed, gentlemen.  We shall meet again!

Godspeed, gentlemen. We shall meet again!

My quest to simplify my woodworking existence continues.  I hadn’t touched any of these tools since well before I moved into my apartment over 4 months ago.   My finishing supplies bin takes their place under the worktable.

That brings total power tools remaining in my apartment woodworking shop to: compact router, cordless drill, random orbit sander and Dremel rotary tool.  Not sure there is anything left to cut at this point.  I have thought about giving up my WorkSharp 3000 sharpening station as well, but I never know if I’ll need to grind an edge back to life.

Goodbye for now, old friends!



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