New Year’s Resolutions

There are (literally) big things in store for 2016 at The Apartment Woodworker.  I have only one New Year’s Resolution this year.


And it rhymes with “Killed a Teal Smirk Wench”.

I always meant to build a frame for the original planing slab.  But after standing in the corner for so long, it needs so much reflattening it would be less than 2.25″ thick.  Not nearly enough for a stout benchtop.   Plus it’s only 13″ deep and 70″ wide.  I see it being reclaimed to make a dedicated sharpening station or something like that.

The lumber above is enough Douglas Fir to make four post legs (each approx. 4.5″ x 4.5″) and four rails (each approx 7″ x 3″), with much left over for appliances and such.  Only the bottom 6 boards are actually new; the rest are just for weight while the new boards acclimate.

More details to come, but for now, it’s a month or two of refining the design while waiting for dry wood.  When the time comes, I will hit up the home center again for Douglas Fir 2×4’s to laminate an approximately 84″ x 21″ slab top.

Happy New Year’s, everyone.


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