Holiday Cheer at The Apartment Woodworker

As the year wraps up, I find myself (as always) being very grateful for my loving and (mostly) supportive family and friends (especially Matty).  They indulge me in my eccentricities and manic woodworking fervor and I am very lucky to have such excellent and admirable people in my life.

Now, I would like to brag about the awesome woodworking gifts I received this Christmas.

From my parents, a 24″ imperial ruler blade for my Starrett combination square.  When not in use with the combination square, I expect it will live on the workbench as my go-to straightedge.  Its first combination square task, though, will probably be in connection with squaring the ends of the planing slab (as soon as I finish a couple more laminations).

A gorgeous piece of steel.

A gorgeous piece of steel.

Speaking of the planing slab, my brother and sister-in-law gave me not only a Veritas inset vise (for which I had asked), but also surprised me with the pivoting jaw and the low profile jaw as well (both of which were actually sitting in my Lee Valley online shopping cart ready for purchase).  Now i just need a Veritas planing stop and to settle on inset vise positioning.

I have a feeling this will quickly become my favorite vise.

I have a feeling this will quickly become my favorite vise.

All in all, a pretty awesome Christmas.  Thanks very much, family.

Happy Holidays to all!  I should probably get back to making the second footstool for my niece and nephew.


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